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Art Class Nook

Gourmet Nook

Have a look at the range of vegan meals and treats available for order and delivery

Market Nook

Come for a visit to my monthly stalls to get your choice of chocolates, breads, nut cheeses, greeting cards and lots more.

The Land Retreat

A space of peace and rejuvenation where you can enjoy a delicious lunch and a time to be in nature and in the freshness of a beautiful day in a rustic space.

Pet Portrait Nook

Immortalize your companion animal with the free flowing and expressive colours and lights of watercolour paints.

Your Choice

Would you like something created specifically for you? A painting of your companion animals, your house, a poem for a special occasion…
Let me know and a creation will arise just for you.

Art Gallery

Wander around the colours of landscapes and animals, and feel the breeze flowing past your thoughts and heart as                     you let the paintings                  share with you
             their life.

Store Nook

Colouring book, colouring sheet, story book…

Animal Companions

Tellington TTouch® to help you understand and influence your animal with your heart and hands in a way that develops trust, creates a harmonious relationship, and changes unwanted behavior.

SC Gardens Magazine

Read the articles I wrote for the Botswana SC Gardens Magazine and get yourself a free copy too.

Animal Nook Articles About me

to a little nook, where ideas, items and ingredients from all nooks of the world combine to create creative beautiful things, goodies and services.

Take a stroll around, linger over the colours and textures and tastes and sounds and visions that come from the arid African land of Botswana.

Thank you for coming and may you experience an enchanting stay upon these pages of art and creativity, of food and of inspiration.

Be creative,

Art Classes Nook

Watercolour, drawing and
art basics for children and adults

Cooking Classes Nook

Vegan cooking, baking and raw food preparation classes



Gourmet & Art Nook

The Land Retreat

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