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Nancy Horenburg  has been a resident of Botswana for more than 35 years.
he is living in Mokatse Village at The Land, where she also works from there, offering workshops on various health and wellbeing subjects, as well as vegan lunches and overnight stays.

Nancy creates vegan foods and drinks, original artworks, greeting cards, handcrafted bracelets and necklaces, and various other items to sell at the monthly markets and also by order.

She is a martial artist for many years in the art of Karate, and has practice in other arts such as Qigong, Gong fu, Taijiquan, and Capoeira. The martial arts philosophy health, fitness, character development and body, mind, spirit harmony has inspired her in her life. It has greatly contributed to all areas of her life as a martial art and fitness instructor, artist, food creator and a lover of animals and nature. She teaches karate classes for children and Qigong and Taiji classes for adults, as well as Self defence workshops and classes at various occasions.

Nancy is also an artist in the mediums of watercolour and clay sculpture. She had three solo watercolour painting and two solo watercolour painting and clay sculpture exhibitions in Gaborone. She has provided illustrations for a set of books for UNICEF and Seventh Day Adventist (Prevention and Mitigation of HIV and AIDS), illustrated Michael Roads children’s book ‘Sago, The Caterpillar Who Wanted to Fly’ and is currently illustrating his second book, Hoppy the Hero Grasshopper

She created two sets of stamps for Botswana Post: Beetles of Botswana in 2008, and Domestic Animals, 2014. She also contributed to the Commemorative Stamp Issue for Botswana 50 Years of Progress in August 2016.

She is also a Virtues Project™ and a Capacitar International Facilitator, and includes some of the techniques in her classes and in daily life. Nancy is a Tellington TTouch Practitioner. The Tellington TTouch Method is a unique approach to the care and training of our animal companions. An inspirational method of improving your animal’s health, behaviour, performance and well being that provides solid, practical solutions for challenges common among dogs, cats and other animals.

Since January 2005, Nancy has been the educator for the NGO Partners in Botho Project for the children of Mokatse/Modipane villages where Nancy and Françoise are living. Twice a week, Nancy gives two hours of her time. For the first hour, the kids are free to play with whatever toys and games are on hand: footballs, tennis, puzzles, skipping ropes, badminton, ping pong, paper and colouring pencils and colouring books, reading books, etc. For the next hour, the class is formal, with the kids learning anything from martial arts such as Karate, Gongfu and Capoeira, to yoga, Capacitar, art and crafts, singing, dancing, and music. 

Nancy loves practicing and learning more about various subjects, such as life-skills, self-sufficiency, sustainability, plant based and vegan cooking, raw cuisine, wood work, arts and crafts, music, writing, gardening, living a simple holistic life, animal care, and care of the planet.

Nancy ultimately aspires to live a life of harmony; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; all the while living to the tune of Earth’s song.