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Nancy - art

Alfred - art

Bakang - art

Collen - scrap metal art and craft

Jane - upcycled and recycled art and craft

John - tin and bead work and other art and craft

Kabo - art

Patience - handmade wrap pants and other craft

Tebby - beaded work

Tinashe - stone art

Victor - art

Ginger - nail art


Make your own pizza - a table set up for you with dough and veggies ready for you to make your creation and bake in the wood fired oven.

Nancy’s brownies, and other goodies

Eva’s samoosas and springrolls

Jane’s nuts and ginger ale

Irene’s vegetables and grains

Simply Sip - Kelsey and Kittie’s Lemonade

Indulge in a wonderful day of nurturing local artists and crafters by immersing yourself in their captivating creations, all while savouring delectable delights and engaging in a variety of enriching activities.

Discover Art and Craft:

Feast your eyes on an array of artistic creations, including:

Sculptures that bring life to stone, clay and metal.

Watercolour paintings that dance with colour and emotion.

Pencil drawings that capture intricate details and stories.

Handmade clothes that reflect the artistry of fashion.

Embark on a culinary journey with:

Samoosas and springrolls, crafted with love and flair.

Brownies and breads, baked to perfection.

Cookies and cakes, sweet treats to tantalise your taste buds.

Lemonade and ginger ale, quenching your thirst with zesty refreshment.

Immerse in Creative Pursuits:

-Drum to the rhythm of creativity with Laone, joining the rhythmic drumming circle that echoes through the artistic landscape.

-Wander the labyrinth etched into the rocky terrain,

an artful path to uncover.

-Unwind on the expansive, flat rock, a canvas of tranquillity.

-Seek the singular clear path amidst the intricate maze.

-Navigate the spiral obstacle course, a fun challenge for the adventurous.

-Embark on a treasure hunt (P20), a quest for a hidden treat.

-Revel in the joy of seesaw fun.

-Enrich your day with board games and other engaging activities,

all offered for free.

Revel in the Beauty of the Day:

Simply bask in the beauty of the day,

where art, food, and joy converge in harmony.

Be a part of this artful experience.

Your presence supports a thriving artistic community

Past Art at The Land events

Directions to The Land