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Enjoy a day at The Land in a open space under the blue skies and delight in an exhibition of various art forms

-Watercolour, acrylic, oil, mixed medium



-Drumming and movement

Meet the artists as some of them demonstrate and talk about their work

Participate in drumming and movement sessions

Partake of sweet and savoury, spicy and salty foods that satisfy your hunger from various food vendors

Free admission - family and pet friendly

Art at The Land


Nancy Horenburg

Boikanyo Ramhutse

Christopher Mokgeledi


David (Art Roots)

Eric Pfund


Jade Spring

Phenyo Saidoo

Reginald Bakwena

Wildart (Mpho)

Zethu Moleleke


Eva Samoosas and apringrolls

Irene vegetables

Jane cashew cookies

Lorraine congolese food

Matilda morula juice

Tumelo seitan

Rico’s tacos


Laone Circle drumming

May Art of Performance

Neo Yoga



Welcome to Art at The Land

Meet the artists

Enjoy the art

Partake of tasty food and drink


Drumming circle with Laone


Art of Performance with May


Drumming with Laone


Yoga on the rock with Neo


Nancy Horenburg

I am a self taught artist, who loves continually learning more about my favourite mediums. Watercolour charmed me with its flow and mindfulness and its desire to be guided into expression. I focus my works on nature and animals, and wish to portray the beauty and inspiration that the wild (and tame) living world expresses.

Earth has also called to me to be expressed through terra-cotta clay. There is an alchemy that happens with the elements through the building of clay sculptures, and the dance of its creation and Being delights me as I put my hands, my heart and my soul through the process of manifesting an art piece.

Boikanyo Ramhutse

I am an talented visual artist and I started art at an early stage at Primary school.

To this date I have gained more experience and I am able to produce a masterpiece using any media.

My art is an expression of anything around me so I don't have a specific expression that I am based in...

I want to find myself at a global stage like Wilson Ngoni so when ever I put all my effort in my artworks.

I am currently using acrylic paints, pencils and pen but I want to extend to spray painting .

Christopher Mokgeledi

Christopher is a self taught artist who has some awards from the national art completions, have exhibited locally and abroad, had solo exhibition in thapong and Ohio USA.

Inspired by local lifestyle, wildlife and much into abstract art., I use oil and acrylic on canvas


21 year old Kabelo David is a visual artist specializing in charcoal, pencil and pastel drawings.

I discovered my love for art from as far as primary school and only got to really explore the aspect when l did art and design in junior school.

Through my art l aim to be a great artist who gets to have his drawings and painting in renounced galleries in the world and having to have evolved to using various mediums.

David (Art Roots)

Freelance Artist based on pencil and pen. I am creating artworks for aesthetic reasons or to enhance life.

Eric Pfund believes that painting is simply representing God’s ultimate creativity. With a passion for vivid colours, bold contrast, and superb lighting and shading, Mr. Pfund builds a portfolio of almost impressionistic paintings with striking resemblances to his subjects.


My artist name is Garbreign. I am a self-taught digital artist. I have been doing it for the past 5 years. I have mostly done fanart, photorealism and fashion illustrations. My original works range from realism-semirealism-surrealism.

-I use digital media, inks and watercolour

Jade Spring

I am 23 and I am a self-taught graphite/watercolor artist.

My main subjects are animals and nature because these are my biggest passions!

My goal is to highlight the raw beauty of natural wildlife and our beloved pets in the hopes that every creature can be appreciated for their incredible individuality.

Phenyo Saidoo

Phenyo hails from Ramotswa and from a young age has been captivated by the concept of creating. This for me foregrounds the importance in art, particularly infatuated in the way mediums can function to convey unique various ideas perceptible to the senses. Throughout my journey I have been indulged in the connection between the mixing of color and evoking particular feelings with a great interest in portraits.

My key skills are painting, drawing, creative and mural design and clothing customization.

Reginald Bakwena

Wildart (Mpho)

My name is Mpho Keitaole, a 24 years old fine artist. I was born in Francistown and grew up in a small village called Siviya.  I am currently a student at the University of Botswana studying Bachelor of Education Science (physics). My artistic expressions are focused on fine art, particularly nature painting and drawing. Currently I am using pencils and acrylic paints. My love for art started at primary school and I was further encouraged by my junior school teacher, a famous Zambian artist Mr Chanda and a local artist Wilson Ngoni when I was in senior school.

Facebook page: Wild art

Zethu Moleleke

I’m a 16 year old artist. I wholeheartedly enjoy making art because it can be very therapeutical to me. In the future I would really love to be able to sell more and more to make money from myself. 

I can work with watercolor, acrylic, pencil and oil. 





Circle drumming with


Organically creating rhythms collectively is a skill that most humans share, no matter how comfortable each of us is doing it. Drum circles are a fun, low- stress way of grooving together and, hopefully, experiencing the joy of sharing a musical experience with others. Laone loves playing in drum circles wherever he can find (or start) them. He currently teaches at Maru-a-Pula School in Gaborone, where he writes and teaches original music for the marimba band.


The Art of Performance with


Breathing & stretching to start, followed by a short voice & movement exercise.

PLUS: A quick rundown on the important beats of what makes a performance engaging & memorable.



Yoga on the rock with


Directions to The Land


Matilda - Divine Morula
Botswana has a huge abundance of Morula fruit, which is believed to have up to 8 times more vitamin C than oranges.

Divine Morula Company has commercialized the this indigenous fruit, and the products produced are now in retail stores. We also supply hotels, restaurants and other manufacturers with the Morula flavour.

Product Range

*Morula and Mmilo (wild medler) fruit juices

*Morula Jam

*Morula Atchar

*Morula concentrate


Pelegano Village Industries

Unit GW12


310 5551/73 112 990

Facebook: Divine Morula

Eva - samoosas, spring rolls and wraps

We are a catering company which does snacks like Samosas and Springrolls and we also prepare different kinds of food dishes.


Cashew nut biscuits


Seitan products


Fresh produce


Congolese food

Rico’s Tacos