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Nancy’s Art Nook
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Nancy Horenburg © 2015 - All rights reserved

The Cosy Corner of Creative Beautiful Things

  It starts as an idea, an inspiration that floats by and I must be quick to grab onto it before it swirls into the dust and sunlight of the land.

   In hand, and in heart, its desire to become physical is inspiring, and so I sit before the blank sheet of rough paper; paint to one side, water to the other, pencil behind my ear and focus clear and intense.

  Slowly, elegantly, and sometimes with errors, the paper takes colours and the inspiration takes form before my eyes.

  Soon, it is ready; in structure, in form, in simplicity but in beauty and strength. It now yearns to share itself with the rest of space and form around it, and it desires to bring inspiration to all who gaze upon its texture and arrangement.

  So it goes out into the world, its purpose fulfilled and its mission accomplished. Art to bring inspiration…


Take pleasure in the Artspirations you find on this page. If you would like a copy, you can buy an online PDF version as an A5 folded card or as an A4 poster; a hardcopy sent to you as an A5 folded card or A4 poster, or you can buy the original painting. All paintings are painted on 300gsm watercolour paper, 185 x 275 cm.