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Train in the external arts of Sankukai Karate and Long Fist Gongfu and the internal arts of Qigong and Taiji to develop physical skills, enhance mental focus, balance emotions and cultivate spirit.

Feel the energy of life flow into you and through you, creating a life of fitness, health, vitality, character and balance.

Come to the classes with a beginners mind, whether you have already practiced some type of art, or whether you are a complete beginner. Let yourself be open to what is offered, and focus on your own training, not on whether others are different than you. You are here for yourself. Be open to new possibilities and new knowledge and new techniques. Be here, simply, in the moment, and you shall reap great rewards.

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Martial Arts 2019.jpg Sankukai Karate
Gong Fu (wushu)

Gong fu’s roots can be traced back to more than 2000 B.C.E. Gong fu actually means ‘special skill’ but it is widely accepted to use this term for the Chinese martial arts. It actually says a lot about this martial art, for to become a master in it, one does train a lot and that requires physical stamina, mental acuteness, emotional strength and spiritual fortitude. One does indeed finally gain a “special skill.” However, for the average person, many of the great benefits of this art can be gained through normal training, provided that one has the commitment and desire to learn this graceful and fluid martial art.

There are many reasons to practice gong fu, however, like all true martial arts, the ultimate goal is self-development through the techniques of physical movements, breath control, mind concentration and spirit steadfastness. On this path of self-development, there are many gains to be had.

Your body becomes strong and agile, and you can do things which previously you thought difficult; your mind becomes clear and focused, enabling you to better concentration and think things through and be aware of the greater picture; your emotions smoothen and you use them to guide and aid you in your life; your spirit is committed and your values and morals dictate how you live your life.

The Southern Long fist style is practiced during class, and one will experience the unity and power that a gong fu form well done will bring to the practitioner. One feels in tune with the whole body and mind, and the movements are effortless, elegant and controlled, bringing you to a harmony within yourself and with the outside world.

The many benefits of Kung Fu,
in brief:

are similar to karate, as well as:

•Learn an ancient art that the warriors of China used as they walked their land

•Develop your internal energy (Chi)

•Condition your body through drills  

•Improve your reflexes through partner sequences

•Improve mental abilities through meditation

•Develop commitment and discipline to achieve your goals

Sankukai Karate was created by Yoshinau Nanbu, and is a Shitoryu based style of karate. It is a young, fast flowing style of karate that is very aware of its traditional roots. However, it also incorporates modern thinking through Shukokai’s scientific analysis and development of speed and power in technique and Nanbu’s modern approach to karate along with his expertise in aikido, judo and traditional weaponry. As students progress towards Dan grade the use of aikido derived techniques become more apparent.

The two main features that typify Sankukai and differentiate it from many other styles of karate is its emphasis on evasion techniques and circular movements. These are represented on the Sankukai emblem with three circles.

At the heart of Sankukai karate, like all true martial arts, lies the fundamental concept that unless one builds up all parts of his/her body, and develops the mind and spirit, one will not live a truly complete and harmonious life.

Through the physical techniques of self-defense such as blocks and kicks, to the kata’s (forms), the combinations, the pre-designed sparring forms, the discipline and effort to practice, the focused breathing and development of inner energy and awareness, one truly builds up a body that is fit and strong, a mind that is clear and focused, emotions that are level and balanced, and a spirit that is indomitable and connected.

Byway of seemingly ‘violent’ techniques, one finds the way to peace, conflict resolution, harmony and travels on a path to self-discovery.  

The many benefits of Karate, in brief:

are similar to kung fu, as well as:

•Develop physical fitness and endurance

•Increase agility, coordination, balance and flexibility

•Learn self-defense skills

•Balance both mind, emotions and body

•Improve mental concentration & alertness

•Learn conflict resolution skills

•A lifelong path of self-discovery and character development

•For children, will help develop essential physical, motor, linguistic, perceptual and social skills, as well as character development, self-esteem, discipline and respect

Training guidelines download

Martial arts training rules.pdf

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