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  The bananas swirl in gladness, spiraling with the sweetness of sugar and the steadiness of flour; with the smoothness of oil and the tang of vanilla.

 What wonder; to be one delightful thing, then be combined with loved ones, and become a totally different thing, with different sensations and touches and smells.

 The alchemy of fire and water, grain and cane, fruit and viscous. Together, they create magic.

 The scent wavers upon the air, that of freshly baked bread and creamy banana loaves. It entices, calling you to sample the delicious hot loaf that sits cooling upon the window sill.

 Come, have a taste. The joy of a bite will soothe your soul and strengthen your peace. Come, have a cup of tea and a slice of banana loaf, and be mesmerized by the taste sensations dancing across your tongue and singing in your belly.

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