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The Cosy Corner of Creative Beautiful Things and services
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Kombucha, almond milk, soya milk…

Contact me for special orders


  The bananas swirl in gladness, spiraling with the sweetness of sugar and the steadiness of flour; with the smoothness of oil and the tang of vanilla.

 What wonder; to be one delightful thing, then be combined with loved ones, and become a totally different thing, with different sensations and touches and smells.

 The alchemy of fire and water, grain and cane, fruit and viscous. Together, they create magic.

 The scent wavers upon the air, that of freshly baked bread and creamy banana loaves. It entices, calling you to sample the delicious hot loaf that sits cooling upon the window sill.

 Come, have a taste. The joy of a bite will soothe your soul and strengthen your peace. Come, have a cup of tea and a slice of banana loaf, and be mesmerized by the taste sensations dancing across your tongue and singing in your belly.

Come to the monthly Markets at Bull & Bull and Phakalane Mowana Park, to get your chocolates and other healthy products.

Raw organic cacao butter, raw organic cacao paste, organic brown sugar, organic vanilla, and himalayan salt; the simplest ingredients to create a divine chocolate bar that is stone ground to smoothness, tempered to a shine, and flavoured with natural fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, essential oils and extracts.

For the delicious choices, go here

For more information about these chocolates, go here

The best vegan banana cake around, healthy and delicious. Wheat breads with stone ground flour, gluten free breads, vegan brownies and more…

Mostly available during
Markets that I attend.  
See here what is available
and contact me for large orders

Gourmet choices and ordering

Linseed crackers, chard chips, macadamia cheese, garlic bread, sweet potato pancakes, cashew cheese cake, truffles, and more….

Enjoy these creations when you come for a
Lunch at the Land

Contact me for special orders

Gourmet choices and ordering

Currently only available in Gaborone.
Please go to this page to see what is available and how to order. Fill in the form for your specific choices and for letting me know if there is something else you would like.

Please note that there is a minimum number of items required in order for me
to create them for you.

Gourmet choices and ordering

Gourmet Nook