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Nancy Horenburg © 2018 - All rights reserved


  Letters blend and twirl, words twist and sway upon the paper. Together, they bring a beat in the heart, a song in the soul, a memory in the mind, to the one that reads their dance.

  Such simple little things, yet such power they hold over you. They can keep you up late at night, they can whisper love to a close one, they can bridge gaps and move clouds. Words, little words, hold great energy, bringing visions alive in the mind and wonders ignite in the soul.

 They tell stories of days gone by and futures to come. Of forests far away and oceans at your feet. Of heartache and wonder, of living and leaving.

 Words, let them dance their song into your heart and soul, and mesmerized you with wonder and imagination, with visions of what was,what is and what can be.


All poems © Nancy Horenburg

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