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     Come, have a piece of the magic, of the wonder, of the beauty. Let your eyes look and your heart feel, and choose the item or items of creativity that you would like to have in your life.

  Bring them into your life and let them share with you their stories of creation, of winds flying and of leaves falling upon the beautiful earth.    Let them mesmerize you with tales of adventure and of times long ago. Of beauty that is seen between the petals of a flower and within your own heart.

   Come, choose, and have a piece of endlessness and a piece of moments; a piece of the universe.

   If you wish to make a combined order that is not available via the shopping cart, or you are in Gaborone, please contact me to send me your choices. I will then send you a Paypal invoice with the shipping related to your items and to your country, or I will send you an invoice and will organize delivery and payment in Gaborone. Thank you. If there are any difficulties, please contact me.     

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Would you like something created specifically for you? A painting of your companion animals, a sculpture of inspiration, a poem for a special occasion…

Let me know and a creation will
arise just for you.

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time.
Always listen to the art.”

Junot Diaz

Your choice
Pet Portrait Nook

A watercolour creation and expression of your companion animal.

Get a unique creation to treasure forever.

Pet portraits

Buy the original painting to bless your wall


Beautiful greeting cards to use for a personal message. Prints from my paintings, and original hand painted cards.


Enjoy the antics of Sago, the Caterpillar who wanted to fly and who learned about helping and timing from the enlightened bumble-bee, Buzz-Buzz

Books Gourmet Nook

Handcrafted divine dairy-free organic stoneground chocolates, delightful banana cakes, raw nutritious creations…
heaven for your health and tastebuds.

Artisan food

Would you like a poem created especially for you? You can also buy one of my poems in various formats. Come and have a look…

Your request Poems
Coming soon
Pet Portrait Nook

Store Nook